Sunday, July 10, 2005

Space Jokes

Here are some hot space jokes I came up with:

Q: Why does Saturn have rings?
A: Because Saturn is a man and he is about to be married to his wife and so he has a a wedding ring! (This joke is more effective if you think of Saturn as having one big ring instead of a number of rings.)

PERSON 1: Hey, did you hear they're changing the name of the space shuttle?
PERSON 2: Yes. I heard they're just calling it the shuttle. But why?
PERSON 1: Because there's almost no space left in it!
PERSON 2: Oh, you mean because it is filled with many pieces of equipment and different experiments and so there is not much space for astronauts to get around?
PERSON 1: Exactly!

Q: If you were to play checkers with Mars, which color would it pick?
A: Red, because Mars is red! (Obviously the planet Mars would not play checkers because it is way too big and also not a person, but this joke imagines that the planet IS a person, even though it's not.)

Q: A spaceship blows up in space. Where do they bury the survivers?
A: Trick question! You can't bury the survivors, because they're currently drifting in space and there is no way to rescue them. They will soon run out of oxygen and die.


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